Through a process of constructive and carefully crafted collaboration studio:planA have secured planning approval from Salford City Council to develop a six unit apartment complex in Broughton, a much sought after residential neighbourhood and culturally important part of the City.

Endorsed by the Council’s Design Panel, this solution, a thoroughly honest, advanced piece of architecture, harnesses the client’s bespoke requirements, borne out of custom and practice, and conveys design ambition consistent with 21st century expectation.

Guided by the Authority’s planning officers, we’ve conceived a solution addressing all the challenges of the site and replaced a detached 2 storey house with a 4 storey apartment block which the planners were not minded to approve!

Respectful of its older and much smaller neighbour the design nevertheless transitions well to a larger adjacent apartment block. The design addresses the issues of changing lifestyle and the consequent scale of buildings emerging in the area, whilst sitting comfortably with the established pattern of development exhibited locally.

Consistent with the Authority’s appetite for the contemporary, it is rigorously designed in non-traditional materials and forms, yet fits well within its context. The use of insulated black glass curtain walling, polished stainless steel framing and cornices set against a series of ‘pop out’, orthogonal, protecting frameless glass bays intermittently stacked one above the other, make for a striking composition.

The design adds that special ingredient to a local neighbourhood, fulfills the Council’s aspiration to encourage architecture that inspires, fosters richness and helps build the area’s reputation as a location of choice for local people.